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    Take you to the new common sense of remote control

    Learning remote control can receive and store the code sent by other remote control; and then by transmitting the code to control those who can understand the code of the device. Learning the remote control is able to receive and store the signals sent by other remote control. So the learning remote control is considered a universal remote control, because the learning remote control can control multiple devices.
    Some infrared remote controls can send infrared and RF signals. RF signal does not refer to the control of RF equipment. But refers to the infrared remote control operating range from about 9 meters extended to about 30 meters and the signal can pass through the walls and glass cover. The remote control automatically transmits the infrared and RF signals for each command. When using the infrared / RF converter of the receiver terminal (some infrared / RF remote control is attached and some are sold as an accessory), it receives the signal and converts the signal into an infrared pulse that the device can understand. So that your infrared remote control can be from the upstairs bedroom to improve the volume of home theater.
    The biggest advantage of radio frequency remote control is its range: they can be transmitted from the receiver up to 30, the wireless signal can cross the wall. Because of the above advantages, you will be everywhere to find home theater components of the infrared / RF remote control. These remote controls use an infrared / radio frequency converter to extend the transmission range of the infrared remote control.
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