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    Will the remote control replace the smart remote control?

    With the popularity of smart phones, many experts and scholars predict that the home remote control is the next mobile phone industry. But there are many users who oppose the views of today we come to talk about mobile phones and remote control of what things.
    First, the development of the process
    Remote control as a survival of the product for 50 years after experiencing the challenge is still a firm foothold, once claimed to discard the remote control of an Internet TV brand now out of the product actually with three remote control for use, which for its Change the original intention of some deviation. Remote control exists in the family is 50 years ago, from the cable to the laser, and then from the infrared to Bluetooth, all reflect the importance of the remote control.
    In contrast, the emergence of mobile phones, mobile phones have been 30 years, from the machine to the intelligent machine time span no more than 5 years, indicating that the speed of development of science and technology greatly improved. At the same time all the categories of products are accompanied by the development of mobile phones developed the appropriate control APP, which can greatly improve the use of mobile phones and improve product control experience.
    Second, the use of pain points
    To say that the use of remote control pain points, I believe that most people have encountered when you want to use the remote control can not find this problem. From the user's investigation options, we also came to the same answer, more than Qi Cheng's friends choose to find the remote control difficult, and the remaining users check the old style, small keys, complex operation and other options The
    Look at the phone as a remote control, the user's pain points are mainly concentrated in the following two aspects. Part of the people choose the phone as an important threshold for the remote control is the phone must bring their own infrared function. The second is the phone remote control must look at the screen, no feel, the physical remote control can blind operation, a good control experience. The remaining number of users were checked, the phone remote control can not share friends and family, mobile phone remote control operation cumbersome, mobile phone remote control will have no electricity and other options.
    Third, the real use of the scene
    TV and other home appliances are more users of the elderly, young adults are early and late for the family struggle, so the TV and other products, the operating rate is more from the family of the elderly, in the TV generation of new generation Process, taking into account the needs of the elderly less and less, for television control is always in the introduction of intelligent features, which is undoubtedly worse for the elderly, after all, the elderly like to follow their own time node to watch the program, 30 years The TV habit is not to say change.
    At present, the basic use of mobile phone APP remote control device for a person a machine, so at home if you do not use the phone APP control, then how to play the TV, the previous section of an Internet TV companies launched smart TV abandon the remote control approach completely Think of the current aging of the TV user group, but in the subsequent release of new products, for the elderly and children launched a three-mode television system, while the remote control again, it can also see the TV or can not Escape the remote control from the self.
    At the same time, the physical remote control with the socio-economic development, the emergence of a lot of metal materials, patent appearance of the establishment of the product, a change in appearance of the old situation.
    On the other hand, home appliances mobile phone control is now nothing new, and convenience is certainly there are some, in advance of the company to open the home air conditioning, home to enjoy the cool air, this approach is definitely worth promoting, but this Control can only be carried out around the low age, television can bring together the family members of the entertainment weapon is the last to be able to heart together with the product, and finally have the opportunity to sit together to talk about the program, watching TV, How comfortable, grab the remote control to bring the exchange has been able to bring comfort between parents and children.
    On the contrary, work phone, get off work phone, bow family still do not watch TV, the use of mobile phone screen, the size of the screen display, the phone can see the see, had good music scene was stirred up the phone.
    At the same time, the phone used a day, home is basically the first to find the charger charging rhythm, that there are electricity to his family remote control TV, air conditioning.
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