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    The basic composition of remote color TV

    Color TV in the use of the following are usually the following aspects to control the preselection program, select the station, volume, brightness, color, contrast, boot, shutdown. For non-remote control TV, people in the viewing, you must pass the TV panel buttons, knobs, to control the above to meet the requirements. The remote control color TV can be held by the user's remote control command transmitter (remote control) to the TV for remote operation control. At present, almost all of the remote control of color TV is using infrared transmission control signal. Infrared is an invisible light, which is issued by the user's hand held by the remote control. Therefore, the composition of infrared remote control color TV and ordinary color TV compared to just add a set of remote control system, remote control system is usually by the infrared remote control receiver, infrared remote control transmitter, microprocessor (CPU), program power Rewritable memory, interface circuit and other parts of the composition. According to practical needs, remote control color TV control methods are both local control and remote control. Local control is the user press the button on the panel to the microprocessor command, and then issued a series of operating instructions through the microprocessor, the final output control voltage to achieve the control of the color TV. Remote control is through the remote control to issue control commands to achieve the control of color TV. There are many control buttons on the remote control, each of which represents a control function. When a button is pressed, the encoder in the transmitter outputs a set of control codes (binary code) that are modulated at a high frequency of about 450 kHz and are amplified to drive the infrared light emitting diode in the form of infrared light Radiation, mounted on the TV panel of the semiconductor infrared photoelectric conversion diode by the transmitter issued by the basic principle of infrared optical radiation
    After the launch, the weak infrared light energy into a weak electrical signal. The signal sent to the remote control receiver circuit, the receiving circuit amplification, shaping and other processing input system control microprocessor. The system controls the microprocessor to read out the corresponding information from the memory according to the input instruction, and the final output control voltage sends the interface circuit, and then the control circuit
    The amount of control in the whole color TV, such as contrast, chroma and so on. When the user sends a control command to the remote control system, does the microprocessor receive the command? Is the two commands executed? In order for the user to know the information immediately, the remote control system must have an HMI, the operator, and the screen Display device. Where the button is issued by the user to the microprocessor
    Command device, the screen display is the microprocessor will execute the command process to the characters, patterns in the form of the user to reflect. When the user issues an operation command to the remote control system, the microprocessor executes the command on the two sides and, on the other hand, displays the process or result of the command through the TV screen. In fact remote control color TV function is not only limited to the bear far
    Remote control on the color TV panel control functions exist on the panel, but also to the color TV to enlarge a number of other functions, such as timer shutdown, AV / TV switch, no signal automatically static, social time no signal (usually set to 5 minutes no signal) Automatic shutdown, automatic search of radio year.
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