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    Smart home makes remote control more convenient

    With the development of science and technology, the era of universal Internet is getting closer. The Internet gradually shifted from the PC to the mobile side, reinforce the "fragmentation" of all things interconnection, intelligent hardware, artificial intelligence, smart home, etc. to develop. At present, the smart home single product without a breakthrough product appears, profit model is not very clear. The future of intelligent home from the trend and the Internet will be closely integrated, take a more high-end stage and standardized market.
    If it is now a computer can not connect to the Internet seems to us almost no use, or people have been unable to understand why a mobile phone even on the 3G network and wireless network, then faster than people think, people will refrigerator, watch , And even tables and chairs to produce the same feelings.
    More and more items and equipment is connected with the network, the United States Gardner data consulting firm latest data show that the current number of Internet of Things equipment has reached 4.9 billion, this figure will grow 30% in 2016, until reaching 6.4 billion The Cisco expects that the number of Internet of Things devices will reach 50 billion by 2020. This group of figures measured the development and potential of the Internet of things, the Internet of Things has been more than people think of more into the daily life of the application.
    The future, smart phones will become the home of the universal remote control, you can use the phone directly control the lights, television, air conditioning, and even the bathtub on the faucet release of water temperature.
    The real smart kitchen is a highly integrated technology center with integrated and intelligent integration that can help you make better use of kitchen resources. Such as the storage room induction cooling system can show food preservation time; automatic garbage collection system can achieve kitchen waste classification; intelligent console to identify food ingredients and ingredients, and automatically generate recipes; coffee machine according to the user to get up to judge the time to cook coffee duration.
    With the development of the economy, people's demand for quality of life is getting higher and higher, the core of intelligent home is to hope that the original "cold" appliances to perceive changes in the environment and the user's needs, automatic learning to adjust and self-control to improve People's quality of life.
    Researchers said that artificial intelligence can be divided into three stages: the first stage is the calculation of intelligence, has long been made a relatively large breakthrough, mainly based on some of the computer's powerful storage and computing resources in some tasks on some of the people Behavior to simulate. The second stage is the perception of intelligence, the computer on the eyes, ears and others to simulate the various senses, so that the computer can really listen to, can listen to see, this includes voice recognition, image recognition and so on. And then further, that is, cognitive intelligence, more than perception, including the organization of knowledge, finishing, flexible use, association reasoning, etc., so that the machine can achieve a real understanding will think.
    Simply point is: smart home development to the end, it should be a need to use any terminal equipment, you can directly use the senses to the home equipment to pass the mind. You feel the bath water temperature is a bit cool, the bathtub can feel and the temperature rises; you get up feeling that the house a little dark, the curtain will automatically open to let the sun come in, this is the real smart home of the pole body.
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