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    There are several types of wireless air squirrels

    Wireless mouse is a kind of aerial positioning technology, used in remote control, wireless remote control, any waving, free heart, it uses 2.4GHz wireless high-speed transmission technology, rapid response; USB2.0 interface mini receiver, the longest 10 meters of the effective distance; the use of FM technology for wireless data transmission, anti-jamming strong; sleep current less than 30uA, a substantial increase in battery life, support any key to wake up; Mouse side with low voltage indication function, when the battery voltage Below 3.0V, LED lights 16Hz flash; with broken cable re-connect function. The current mainstream wireless mouse communication methods are infrared (IrDA), Bluetooth, 27MHz, 2.4G and other types, the main features are as follows:

    1, infrared (IrDA) wireless squirrels: IrDA is the use of infrared point-to-point transmission technology, in order to ensure that different manufacturers of infrared products can get better communication results, limited use of infrared wavelength between 850 nm to 900 nm. Infrared transmission distance of a few centimeters to tens of meters, the launch angle is usually 0-30 ℃, emission intensity and receiver sensitivity due to different devices and different application design and different. Infrared communication can only be done in half duplex mode. According to the latest VFIR (veryFasthifrared) special speed infrared protocol, the maximum communication rate can reach 16Mbps. At present, mainly in small mobile devices (such as mobile phones, PDA, etc.) to use, it has a small size, low power consumption, easy to carry and connect, easy to use low cost and so on. IrDA's biggest problem is that it can only be used for point-to-point connections, and there are line of sight and angle problems.

    2, Bluetooth wireless squirrels: Bluetooth is set up in September 1998 by the private non-profit organization SIG (SpecialInterestGroup) to develop a standard. Bluetooth use of the band and 2.4G consistent, are free in most countries. Unauthorized 2.4-2.485GHz ISM, but Bluetooth technology in the ordinary 2.4G wireless technology to increase the adaptive FM technology, to achieve full-duplex transmission mode, and to achieve 1600 times / sec automatic frequency modulation. In addition, the Bluetooth technology transfer rate of up to 1Mbps per second, higher than 27MHz wireless technology. According to the length of the use of distance, Bluetooth can be divided into industrial "Classl" standard, daily life with "Class2" standard and the shortest transmission distance "Class3" standard. One of the wireless rat's Class2 standard power consumption is 2.Smw, so meet the standard of Bluetooth devices usually have a longer battery life. However, because to pay royalties, the use of Bluetooth technology products, the cost of an additional 3-5 US dollars.

    3,27MHZ wireless squirrel: 27MHz refers to the use of 27MHzISM (industrial, scientific, medical) wireless frequency band with a wireless communication technology, the output power <54dBm. In this frequency band two for the wireless keyboard, two for wireless mouse, 27MHz wireless mouse farthest effective transmission distance of only 6 feet (182.88 cm), in order to prevent the frequency of interference and poor transmission of the situation, the new Wireless mouse products using a dual channel program. In addition, because other wireless network devices rarely use 27MHz frequency, so the wireless mouse from the interference of other wireless devices is unlikely. Although with a mature technology. Low cost and low risk of interference, but the disadvantage of the 27MHz band is also more obvious. First, the wireless mouse only supports one-way transmission, that is, only the mouse to support the transmitter to send a signal to the signal receiver. Second, 27MHz technology due to the transmission rate of the reasons, must work continuously, so the power consumption is relatively large. Wireless security level is low, the effective transmission distance is short, etc. are 27MHz frequency of one of the disadvantages of wireless rats.

    4, 2.4G wireless squirrels: 2.4G wireless mouse transfer rates up to 2MbPs compared to 27MHz, and there is no need for continuous operation between the transmitter and the receiver, reducing power consumption and extending battery life The At the same time in order to avoid 27MHz wireless band prone to interference with each other, 2.4G can be used frequency hopping technology, the receiver and the transmission side can find the available frequency band. In addition, 2.4G wireless technology for the two-way transmission mode, to avoid 27MHz unidirectional transmission prone to signal intermittent situation. 2.4GHz non-networking solution because of the need for any organization or individuals to pay royalties and other reasons, the cost relative to other wireless network technology (such as: WIF set Bluetooth, etc.) low.
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