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    Wireless 2.4G industrial remote control large analysis

    As a device for remote control of the machine. Wireless 2.4G remote control applications and its wide, this is not in the industry which also exists its presence. Industrial wireless remote control is the use of radio signals on the remote control of a variety of institutions remote control equipment (wireless remote control transmitter to control the first signal, and then modulation, infrared modulation or wireless FM, AM, converted into wireless signals Send out) the signal is received by the remote receiving device, the wireless remote control receiver receives the information contained in the radio wave reception, amplification, decoding, get the original control of the electrical signal, the electrical signal and then power amplification, you can command Or drive a variety of other mechanical or electronic equipment, to complete a variety of operations, such as closing the circuit, move the handle, start the motor, to achieve wireless remote control.

    Industrial 2.4G wireless remote control is designed to control the construction machinery or industrial equipment, remote wireless remote control device. Mainly used in metallurgy, shipbuilding and container terminals, warehousing, machinery manufacturing, chemical, paper, construction and construction machinery and other use of lifting machinery and to achieve remote control operation of the industry. Its effective control range of 100 meters radius of any direction and not affected by the obstacles, the operator only need to carry a lightweight transmitter, free to move and choose the best (safe) visual position to operate, remove the past due to unclear line of sight, Wire damage, poor environment or improper command and other factors caused by the hidden dangers. Which ensures a safe operation and a significant increase in production efficiency.

    Industrial wireless remote control in the use of the process, but also need to pay attention to some of the problems:
    1, before use, you should first unplug the battery compartment transparent plastic insulation.
    2, the effective distance: up to 10 meters (no barrier). If you encounter can not focus, remote control can not have results.
    3, the best angle of the remote control is the front of the camera + right 30 degrees, and the original remote control is the same, other angles can not be guaranteed.
    4, the remote control against the camera's remote control window, press the button from the front of the camera, it can control the camera auto focus.
    5, the machine itself to be transferred to remote control mode (using the B door, transferred to the B door and willing to receive infrared).
    At present, more and more industries will use the wireless remote control technology, with the development of industrial wireless remote control technology, not only in the loader, shunting locomotive, hydraulic machinery and mobile vehicle port loading and unloading equipment and other equipment, 2.4G wireless Remote control will be widely used in other industries will also use wireless remote control technology, its market prospects are extremely broad.
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