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    led remote control dimmer how remote control

    ed remote control dimming lamp meaning
    LED remote control lamp (LED remote control lamp) built-in high-power LED lamp beads, lamp installed within the wireless receiver module, wireless receiver module connected to the head of the wireless receiver module matching wireless transmitter module, wireless transmitter module connected to the encoder. IR infrared remote control mode, through the remote control can be equipped with more than 2 million kinds of color adjustment, multi-level brightness adjustment light, the color can be DIY tune out of their favorite variety of colors.
    led remote control dimming light Product Description:
    led remote control dimmer for indoor lighting all places, they are installed as ordinary incandescent bulbs, the original line without any changes, directly into the ordinary lamp (screw B27 / bayonet B22 lamp) can be used any remote control of household appliances Device to achieve remote control function, remote control for the indoor 7-10 meters.
    led remote control dimmer using the operating method
    Directly press the TV remote control, or VCD remote control, or air conditioning remote control, or power amplifier remote control to specify a button to learn and then press the remote control school school button can control the lights turn on the lights and turn off the lights, But also can maintain the original state of the manual to turn on the lights and lights, without interference and impact. Compared to other special led remote control dimmer Product advantages: 1, do not buy a dedicated remote control, with household appliances infrared LED remote control can go to control. 2, save resources, the market also has some use of remote control LED energy-saving lamps, but once the dedicated remote control is lost, you can not use, and led remote control dimmer to avoid this happen.
    led remote control dimmer use range
    Can be widely used in hotel home decoration, atmosphere rendering, shopping malls window layout, stage lighting adjustment, to achieve the best visual perception, to add color to your life.
    In general, LED intelligent infrared remote control energy-saving lamps is a direct control through the TV remote control, VCD remote control, air-conditioning remote control, power amplifier remote control can launch infrared remote control remote control lighting or electrical appliances Remote control lights, the use of very convenient, through the infrared light control, do not configure any other dedicated remote control, casually click on the TV remote control or air conditioning remote control and any other key can go to control the LED energy saving lamp lights and turn off the lights General household appliances remote control The use of features to control the use of one-on-one control, suitable for control of multiple lights occasions, for example, to control a hall 20 lights, it is necessary to specify the learning type, a key that control a, 20 will be 20 keys To control, would like to one of the lights and turn off the lights will not affect the other lights! And can be cleared to any reset!
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