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    Common universal TV remote control which?

    Nowadays, with the increasing number of TV sets, remote control is also varied, which makes it easy to be confused, what is clear what is the remote control, it has what features, how can we use, the following we together To see what in the end, they have what kind of features.
    First, intelligent home wireless wifi infrared remote control
    A wireless WiFi infrared remote control, through the mobile client to achieve remote control of home infrared appliances, and the product with RF functions, such as control of electric curtains, RF switches, etc., your iPhone / Andrews mobile phone home remote control center, You can control the home of the electrical appliances, so that your life becomes simple and convenient up.
    Second, intelligent home console remote control switch
    An intelligent remote control via WiFi connection, with the mobile client, you can control the home at any time designated electrical appliances, such as air conditioning, television, boxes, speakers, lighting, etc., for home users to bring a good solution.
    Third, intelligent remote control infrared radio frequency converter
    Intelligent remote control, the remote control to support RF function, it can also control the RF home appliances. Based on the WiFi network, users can remotely turn on home remote control appliances such as air conditioning. In the winter or heat, at home will be able to enjoy the warmth or cool, really is a good experience, so that traditional electrical intelligent, intelligent infrared remote control quite practical.
    And it built-in 7 infrared emission head and with the radio frequency antenna, all-round infrared emission; special infrared projection material to reduce the infrared diffuse reflection, infrared penetration rate of up to 95%. Can be applied to iOS or Android system, smart phones, network where you can achieve the control of home appliances, there is no geographical restrictions, can indeed bring a lot of convenience for the user. Can avoid the traditional remote control to bring some of the problems, so that users experience the technology to bring life changes.
    Fourth, intelligent wireless multi-function remote control
    Air conditioning, TV, set-top boxes and other household appliances all kinds of remote control, you also can not find the remote control or always replace the battery trouble? Intelligent wireless multi-function remote control to provide you with a unified control of home appliances in any place where you can access your home appliances can control. Intelligent remote control through infrared remote control household appliances, their own connected to the home WiFi, associated with a specific cloud server. Install control APP on your phone, log in to the cloud server and operate the remote control.
    Function control is not much different, but the intelligent wireless multi-function remote control no RF function, can only support infrared devices. But there is a benefit that it built a 2600 mAh lithium battery, to get rid of the cable constraints, free to put in any corner of the home, more mobile, to provide users with a convenient remote control experience. Also uses a special material, the penetration rate of up to 90% or more, remote control no dead ends.
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