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    How does the smart TV remote control work?

    Remote control for home appliances, is a very important part of the annex, and sometimes even the equivalent of home appliances brain, home appliances to achieve the various functions to rely on it to achieve, so pay attention to some of the details of the use of remote control, do remote control Of the maintenance, is a matter worthy of everyone's attention. A habitual move, both let us save a lot of trouble, but also help us reduce the waste of resources. What is it that we should pay attention to?
    1, pay attention to waterproof moisture, the remote control is electrical objects, the influx of moisture will affect the use, so to do a good job of waterproof and moisture-proof work, usually put it away from the water far away.
    2, do not intend to use the remote control, the remote control to remove the battery to prevent the battery leakage, the battery leakage, the battery slot to clean up and then replace the new battery.
    3, the remote control in addition to moisture to shock, usually pay attention to gently, try to avoid the remote control is collided, the remote control failure phenomenon to check the problem, do not blindly, so as not to cause the appearance of the remote control or internal The damage.
    4, the remote control is a low consumption of products, in normal use, the battery life is generally longer, the battery power to replace the battery, the battery slot to replace the battery, do not old and new or different brands Battery mix and match.
    It is not only a smart TV remote control, but also the remote control for the remote control, and it is intended for everyone to help and use the remote control correctly in daily use.
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